Get started with Video Editing

Get started with Video Editing

So it is that time of the year when I start regretting the money I spend every year for my website and justify it by writing another blog post. You may have already figured it out with my such low frequent posts 😀 So today one of my friend asked me : Hey Ankur! I want make awesome videos like you do. Can you tell me where to start?

If you have gone through my YouTube channel you can guess that I get this question a lot. But today someone suggested Why don’t you write a blog about that. And then I remembered that my blog needs some attention. Actually that was a great Idea. Not only will it be a content for my blog but from now on if someone asks similar questions I will try to write about it. So it’s a win-win situation.

Without any further ado let’s jump into the topic. So if you are just starting with video editing your first bet will be to try a free and a user friendly application.

You can start with Filmora. But the trial version will include watermarked videos. Kinemaster is a totally free app but it is for Mobile devices only. I would suggest start with the basics with Filmora/ kinemaster. You can arrange videos, put some basic effects, text and background music.

Once you get the hang of it you will soon realise that there are some limitations with these apps. That’s why they are free. Think of it as a pack of Cup Noodles. It will bring you the results but will not have the wow factor as of making it from scratch in the kitchen. ( This lockdown has awakened everyone’s inner Master Chef isn’t it? )

So for that wow factor, you can try out some more complex NLE (Non Linear Editor) like HitFilm Express or Da Vinci Resolve ( the free version is more than sufficient ). That’s where the real fun begins. Now if you have reached past this point I am pretty sure that you will be able to decide by yourself what to do next.

You you can try to purchase Adobe Premiere Pro ( Subscription Model ) or Final Cut Pro ( One Time Purchase ). I personally use Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve but you can achieve the same with FCP too. From editing my first travel video of Chandrashila in Google Photos to my recent trip to Thailand made in Premiere Pro it has been a beautiful journey and I plan to learn new things to continue this journey. I am thankful to my brother Ankan who mentored me all the way and still pushes me to achieve greater goals even today. 

Now I know that there are a lot options out there and if you Google you will be rewarded with results like Top 10 Best Free video editing software for beginners [2020]. These results can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner as there are a lot of options that can confuse anybody who is just starting. That’s why I tried to simplify things. Now this is not something that you have to follow, it’s just what worked out for me. I would love to know about your journey in the comments.

Well did you notice I just baked in some hyperlinks throughout this post. Well this is one of the ways you can promote your content over multiple channels so that your audience can also check your content on other platforms. So for this case I will be sharing the link via social media as described in the diagram and the directions represent how the viewer traffic is redirected.

But Ankur, I think you missed to link Instagram in the post. Guess what, I just did 😀 The above diagram might be something very obvious but hey, you weren’t expecting this when you started reading. Also it is a gentle reminder for you to follow / subscribe me on other channels for more awesome content.

Wait! I just received a text from my friend : Can you suggest me a good laptop? Should I write a blog about that? May be. May be not. Who knows! Until then stay home stay safe 🙂

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

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