Downloading your TV shows as soon as they are Aired

So, the latest episode of your favourite TV Show has been Aired and the first thing you will be doing after getting home is download and watch that show. Sounds like a great plan. But in reality for people like me who doesn’t like to compromise video quality, searching the perfect torrent(Yay! Piracy) with good seeds/peers is such a pain in the ass and that too after a hectic day of work? Impossible! Wouldn’t it be great if someone downloads your shows as soon they have been Aired and make your evening perfect?

There are a lot of solutions to this problem out there in the internet, most of them are quite confusing actually but today I will be showing the most convenient and easiest way to achieve this. Anyone can setup this on their own.

First of all you need to download a torrent client. Then download a software named Sonarr. Good news is it comes in all the three platforms(Linux / Windows / Mac) . Installing both these things is pretty standard process. Now fire up Sonarr ! You will see something like this in your browser:

You will see 3 warnings in the system tab. Don’t worry, you just need to configure the download client and search indexers so that it can search shows for you and download them. Sounds difficult ? Follow the steps

  1. First of all you have to enable your torrent client(uTorrent) for Web UI. Set a username and password and hit Apply in preferences. You are good to go.
  2. Next go back to Sonarr and hit the “Download Client” Tab under settings category.
  3. Click on the plus button to add a client then choose uTorrent.
  4. Next fill the username, password, port that you have configured in uTorrent and give a name for the client on the top.
  5. Test for connection and save it. If connection test fails try changing the default port in uTorrent Web UI settings.
  6. This is for the most popular torrent client(uTorrent) but it is pretty much same for others.

Great job! Now to add indexers do the following:

  1. Hit the “Indexers” tab.(Duh! Pretty obvious :D)
  2. Click on the plus Button and select Rarbg.
  3. Leave all the default options and hit save.

Now go to System tab and hit the restart icon to reload Sonarr. All set. Start Adding your favourite shows so that you will never miss any episode.

The user interface is quite interactive. There are a lot of options so that you can customise download quality, location, etc so play around with them.

If you want to go to next level then you may look at Jackett. This is a custom indexer and has a lot of available sources that can search for rare torrents. You can add it in Sonarr via Torznab. The post will loose its simplicity if I start explaining the integration of Jackett with Sonarr.

You are limited by your imagination. You can do a lot with this further. For example you can achieve something like this as previously mentioned on my Facebook post:


It will basically send you a notification on your mobile device once the show has been downloaded. May be I will explain this in my next post.

Till then, Happy Binge-Watching